Monday, March 7, 2011

Mommy, the Micromanager

I will admit it!  I have done it!  I have micromanaged my child's life, but I have admitted it, and that is the first step, right?!

Micromanaging parents are the ones who plan every minutia of their child's day.  They can also be defined as the parents who nitpick their children to death!

As all of blogs, this topic came to me, as I observed other parents with their children.  I watched as a mother and father hovered over their 2 year old like a rescue helicopter.    It immediately hit me, "Do I DO THAT???!"

Now remember, what I am NOT is judgmental.  I don't judge other parents for their actions and reasons for what they do. hey, who am I to judge?  I am a still a rookie parent, myself!  What I am, though, is a learner and a teacher.  I learn about the world, through watching others, and reading and researching children.  I then, in turn teach others about what I am experiencing, in the hope that I help enlighten my friends, or take a little stress out of your day!

SO, here are my thoughts on managing children.  Again, it goes back to your main goal as a parent!  (see my first post of the blog.)  If what you are telling your children to do does not relate to their  or another's health and well being, then it is probably not necessary.   In short, as my mother would say, "choose your battles."   If your child is doing OK and they will not get hurt or hurt another, then they probably should be left alone to discover and express themselves. 
Party girl Daisy, choose this outfit this weekend.  I got lucky on her choices!   Maybe that, or I have begun to buy all of her clothes to coordinate each other!  : )

So, I let my child choose her own clothes, as long as the weather permits her current "style."  After all what does it hurt if she is wearing a green top, yellow polk-a-dot leggings, and a purple tulle skirt?  She might looks silly, but who cares?   Most people will look at her and know, she IS a THREE year old!  

If you have not yet had the change to pick-up my current bible on preschoolers, then now is the chance!  I am not kidding with you, when I say that it talks about every possible situation that you will find yourself in. 

On the other hand, many of you have younger children.   Dr. Nelson, also writes books for that age too!

Maybe you really want to get someone else on the same page, as YOUR parenting, such as your spouse or a grandparent.   Buying them this book, is a great hint, and they will LOVE how easy of a read it is!  (My hubby has his own copy next to the bed on the night stand, as I type! I am hoping that it will work for us, and help us get on the same page!)

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