Monday, March 7, 2011

Guiltless Engagement

Guilt is a mom's middle name.  We worry that we do not feed our kids enough veggies, that we let them watch too much TV, that we do not dress them cute enough, the list goes on and on!

Often as a mom, we have a hard time just trying to find time for ourselves.  

While my darling daughter does love to play, and plays well alone, I am often a little tentative about leaving her alone to play while I run off to enjoy a bath or to unload laundry.  More than once I have returned to her playroom sanctuary to find that she has dumped several of her board games onto the floor along with all of it pieces. 

A surefire way to prevent this is to tune into "Dora" and she will be mesmerised by the little girl and her monkey friend, long enough to prevent her from causing more chaos.  While she does get engaged into the show, including yelling commands in Spanish, I worry about the amount of television my little potato watches.

Today I had one of the most relaxing baths, that I can while my hubby is at work, and while she is still awake (I am starting to discover that those daily naps are disappearing!!).   She begged me to do YOGA while using a DVD.   These DVDs were purchased for my classroom of students several years ago, as a fun alternative activity that my 2 dozen youngsters can enjoy on a rainy day.  It has been a great parenting tool too! 
Her favorite DVD is the ABC one, which I also love!   Her favorite pose in the series she tells me is,
R for Rocking Horse," and then she demonstrates this pose that builds strong back muscles and confidence!  I CAN take a bath again,without being afraid of a mess that will be sitting in the middle of our playroom, when i return.  



  1. Hi: My kids love Dora too, but I dislike it -- it is so repetitive. They are not allowed to watch much of it. That Yoga video sounds awesome. We do something similar by putting up dance videos on youtube and trying to learn the danced.

    I personally don't mind the chaos. My kids are 6, 4 and 2 -- and they have to clean up the chaos if they make it. So it's up to them.

    I'm a new blogger too, like you. 3 kids, writing about the parenting style and teaching methods that produced the three best kids in the world!

  2. Perfect Dad- Kids LOVE repetition and routine, and thrive off it! I agree that is it a TOTALLY annoying show! I HAVE noticed that the newest show (the Ballet episode that came out this week) has a TON of new concepts in it, as well as less repetition! (YAY!)
    We avoid TV as much as possible, but I also do not make it taboo. I only give her the options to watch several shows that I approve of. I ALSO LOVE youtube, and we often stream videos of favorite songs. We even search new concepts that we talk about (last week it was the concept of ZERO, a little developmentally abstract for a 3 year old! hahah! We watched a little School House Rock, Zero my Hero! Fun times!) : )