Friday, February 18, 2011

First Blog

Well, here I am!
I decided that it is time to share my parenting adventure with the WORLD, so I might as well utilize technology and do it!
I haven't really decided what I will post each time, except that I have those AH, HA! moments and want to share with others!
In the past decade I have worked with kids in many capacities, teacher, coach, principal,tutor and most recently as a parent.  ALL OF A SUDDEN all the pieces are starting to fit together!  I see my 3 year old, darling daughter as an on-going product of my own life lessons, and I am happy with who this is little smarty is becoming!

I am also about to start this process AGAIN in two months, and I cannot be more excited!  THIS time I am going to be having a BOY. I know that I will have to re-read one of those books on Gender issues, since the only males that I am used to are my dad, and husband.  BESIDES teaching them, boys are kind of an enigma in my mind!

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