Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moms, the Movers and Shakers of the world

I am currently reading the book, recently published by the daughter of famed feminist, Gloria Allred.   I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone raising a daughter.  The background on feminism is extreamly interesting and it really makes me think twice about what my grandmother and even my mother has gone through, that I take for granted.  

Women are obviously very important people in our society and we should celebrate this role and the advances that we have made and continue to make. 

Research shows that the people who are forming the minds and hearts of the world are Moms.  This information is not surprising to me, living the roles of the mother and teacher.   We have the greatest impact on our children, more than any other factor.  In the past, research showed that socio-economic factors played the greatest role in "student success."  Now were are learning that the single greatest factor in student success in school is the Mother's background, including education level.

As I am only a chapter into the book, I will update this post with more thoughts as I venture onward.  

On that thought....   Anyone who buys the book, share your thoughts on it....  I would love to discuss it!

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