Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kind Kindle

I am SO very excited to share a list of FREE books from Amazon that you can upload for free (even if you do not have a Kindle, there are many ways that you can still upload them to a digital device)

I have found several mom/ parenting/ kid friendly options! 

This is not a book review, like many of my posts are, these are just free books!  (Maybe in a few DAYS these books will be reviewed!)


WHO doesn't love food!? OH, I LOVE food!
While, I do not LOVE cooking, it is great to have cookbooks around!  : )

Well the topic of this BLOG is FREE after all, so how about fugal, that is almost the same, right!?? These sounds kinda old fashioned but maybe still interesting.  Maybe it will provide an insight into why are mothers and grandmother are/were who there were.  MAYBE it will just help us appreciate modern luxuries! 

How about a  little fiction reading about parenting?

Fun to read TO your kids:

I KNOW I have a little POST baby weight to lose!  : )

Is it interesting to read the other side of parenting too:

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